Amniotic Fluid Photo: Johan Haugen©

I Still Live In Water is an intuitive art project working with water, creating in the creation and creating together with creation by the artists Felicia Konrad and Johan Haugen, Malmö/Sweden. 

The project is based on an intuitive process and dialogue hoping to inspire awareness about water, and the escalating situation with how we treat our Oceans, how we use freshwater, and the way we pollute the water on earth. It is a living-learning process at the same time as it is an art project, to grow and express a human identity that connects, sense, explore
and expand in being creatures of water, a part of the hydrosphere. Interactivity and collaborations are a red thread, working with interactive performance, sound pieces, photo, film, and workshops. 

"What does water know about you that you don't know about yourself?"
Felicia Konrad paraphrasing a rawlings paraphrasing Robert Mcfarlane 

"We are all water in the same ocean" Yoko Ono

"What you know in your heart, truly know is possible, is possible. We make it possible with the will. What we imagine mentally becomes our world. That is just one of the many things I have learned from water." Masaru Emoto

“Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress. Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing, in the end, can stand against it. Water is patient. Dripping water wears away a stone… You are half water. If you can’t go through an obstacle, go around it. Water does.” Margaret Atwood

CV for the film Precious Balance Walk and the project I Still Live in Water/Felicia Konrad and Johan Haugen

2020 Precious Balance Walk (13.24)
'Best Experimental Film'; ARFF Paris Around Film International 2021, European Short Film Festival 2021, Gliff Golden Lemur Film Festival 2021 
’Outstanding Achievement’; DIFF Durk International Film Festival 2021.
Nominated arthouse finalist on Stockholm Independent Film Festival 2021
Selected; Prague International Indie Film Festival 2021, Serbest International Film Festival (SIFF) 2021
Coming; Selectected
Nov Water Docs 2021, Canada
Nov Nature & Culture - Poetry Film Festival 2021, Copenhagen, Denmark

With support by Nordic Culture Fund, Filmcentrum Syd, BoostHelsingborg, Marine Knowledge Center in Malmö, Oh Boy Hotel

Screenings of Precious Balance Walk
2021 6/9 Friis Frame, Panora Cinema, Malmö, Sweden
2021 6/10 Malmö Art Hall, Malmö, Sweden
2021 13/10 Nordic Labour Film Festival, Malmö, Sweden
2021 2/10 - 7/11 Precious Balance Walk, arthouse/experimental film, at Gibca Extended (Gothenburg International Biennal for Contemporary Art), 
Tjörns Municipality, Sweden
2018 Amniotic Fluid/Water Dialogues, Tomelilla Konsthall, Tomelilla
2016 Amniotic Fluid, Blå Ställets Konsthall, Angered, Göteborg

2020 16/8 Malmö Art Museum, on behalf of Malmö Art Museum we created the Live Performance Concert Body of Water; Felicia Konrad, David Carlsson, Mats Persson, Tina Quartey 

Sound Pieces
2021 Oct - Nov -Dec sound art piece; Breathing Water with support by Malmö Culture Support, single release of 6 pieces 
2021 Music in the film Precious Balance Walk; Water is instinct; Felicia Konrad, David Carlsson, Mats Persson, from the sound piece Water Dialogues
2021 Water Dialogues, 2/10-7/11 Gibca Extended (Gothenburg International Biennal for Contemporary Art), Tjörns Municipality, Sweden
2021 Water Dialogues, Ljudkullen; Malmö Summer Stage
2020 Water Dialogues, Malmö Art Museum
2018 Water Dialogues, Tomelilla Art Museum
2016 Love is an Ocean, Water Works, a global online art exhibition by the artist Suzon Fuks, Brisbane, Australia

Performance/Interactive Performance 
2021 The Throne, - Human's desire to own water, nature, at Ribersborgs beach, Malmö
2020 Slow Collective Walk, Malmö Art Museum 
2018 Water Walk - An Art Performance Walk, Ribersborgs beach, Malmö, Sweden.
2018 Water Banquet - interactive performance, Tomelilla Art Hall. 
2017 Water is instinct, Ribersborgs beach, Malmö, Sweden. 
2016 A glass of water, thank you! - The water in your glass is maybe older than the sun. 
Blå Ställets Arthall, Angered, Gothenburg, Sweden
2015 To Carry Water. To Carry 5890 litres one day. 
Dome of Visions, Copenhagen, Denmark and Ribersborgs beach, Malmö, Sweden. 
With support by Malmö City Culturesupport and Dome of Visions, Copenhagen. 

Biography Felicia Konrad b. 1964 and Johan Haugen b.1968
I Still Live in Water; Felicia Konrad and Johan Haugen, directors of the short arthouse/experimental film; Precious Balance Walk (13.24). The film has been awarded Best experimental at ARFF Paris Around Film International 2021, European Short Film Festival 2021, Gliff Golden Lemur Film Festival 2021, awarded Outstanding Achievement at Druk Film Festival 2021 July, and selected for 2021, became an arthouse finalist in Stockholm Independent Film Festival 2021, and was selected to Serbest International Film Festival, Prague International Indie Film Festival, and coming Nov; Water Docs 2021, Canada and Nature & Culture - Poetry Film Festival 2021, Copenhagen, Denmark
Felicia Konrad and Johan Haugen are first-time filmmakers.

Felicia Konrad b.1964 is a voice performer/singer-songwriter/performance artist and a cultural project leader.
In her 20ies she was an assistant director to the Swedish famous film director Bo Widerberg.
Autumn 2021 working with the sound piece Breathing Water, with support from Malmö City Culture Support.  

Johan Haugen b.1968 is an artist/painter and performance artist. 
In summer 2020 he participated in the exhibition Art Saloon at Landskrona Art hall and is represented at Tjörns and Eslövs municipality.