Updates for prices for the film EarthLove for March and Aprile, May and June will soon happen!! 35 Award Winner, 3 Finalist, 1 Semi-Finalist, 3 Quarter-Finalist, 3 Honorable Mentions from Aug 2023 - May 2024. More livestreaming is also on it's way!!

3 days; June 12th to 15th – EXPERIMENTAL, DANCE AND MUSIC https://wildsoundfestivalreview.com/.../june-2024.../
THANK YOU #experimentaldancemusic
Experimental Dance & Music Film Festival (Los Angeles, Toronto, New York)


8th of June On World Ocean Day our film Precious Balance Walk (13.24) will be screened nonstop at Malmö Art Hall  https://malmokonsthall.se/evenemangs/havets-dag-kortfilmen-precious-balance-walk/
'We are all water in the same Ocean' (Yoko Ono)
#filmfreeway @johan.haugen.733@preciousbalancewalk @xstampe @hydrachrysalis @ignacioperezperez @merinikula
@lisanyberg_executive @erikhogstrom @benjaminzadig_dp @davidglichsumsase Sasha Fülscher
@jenifermalmqvist @davic @annaahlander @linneasparen @vagabondkoket @nordiskkulturfond @boosthbg           
@filmcentrumsyd @marintkunskapscenter

2024 Precious Balance Walk 
Aprile: Reykjavik, Iceland: Yeti filmfest Best Mood Film, Nominee: Best Cinematograpy Benjamin Zadig

March: Brooklyn Online Filmfestival, @nocturnafilmfest; Finalist: Best Avant-Garde Film
March: Antwerpen, Belgium; Beyond the Screen; Best Experimental #beyondthescreenfestival

February: #londonmovieawards Best Experimental! https://londonmovieawards.com/february-2024

Coming Film Festivals 2024
Finalist: Best Experimental and Best Dance or Poetic Filmhaus in Berlin, Oct 2024 and selected: Bistrita Romänia International Film Fest 16-18 Aug. 

2024 23/3, Barcelona, Location: Zumzeig Cinema | Calle Béjar, 53. Barcelona, Spain from 12:00 until 15:00 @barcelona_indie_awards


10/2-3/3 2024 Very proud that our film Precious Balance Walk will be a part of this exhibition in Amsterdam opening the 10th of February  
"Nature is way out of balance and we lose control over water and fire-related processes.
On this theme, 23 artists from Iran, Mongolia, Brazil, Sweden, and The Netherlands respond with paintings, mixed media, and video art with large projections. Artists: Rose Ansari, Anunaran J, Karin Balog, Gabi Brunhoso,Sonja Cabalt, Cecelia Chapman, Ben Dolphin, Nadia Gyr, Marie Hego, Erik Hobijn, Hanna Hrabarska, Isolde Kille, Felicia Konrad/Johan Haugen, Floor Meijers, Mouries Collective, Sander Newton, Madeline Olmer, Roberta Petzoldt, Saskia Pfaeltzer, Bernet Ragetli, Diogo Sanquetta , Studio Machii, Jacquie Maria Wessels, Zindzi Zwietering                                                                      
                                                                                                                                                   Erik Högström: Still from Film Benjamin Zadig

2024, reflection
Breathing Water had 8931 listeners on Spotify in December and in 87 countries in the world! Here is a playlist
with all of our music: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0fSGsuy6YuRQLlPQLrxdUQ?si=1b244c456a694c28

25/2 Yippie! @newyorkmovieawards EarthLove is screening!! 
THANK YOU! https://newyorkmovieawards.com/movie-night

FEBRUARY 2024 (not updated image yet, to many laurels, but coming!)
1. Best Music Video at Reels International Short Film Festival

(Best Indie Festival Jan 2024)
3. BEST DANCE VIDEO Lion International Film Festival, Firenze/Italy
5. Best Music Video, Berlinhttps://www.ifindiefestival.com/jamaica-international-film-fest-2024
6. Best Music Video: in Munich New Wave Film Festival https://www.newwavefilmfestival.com/
7. Best Experimental: New York
8. Gold Award Experimental, London https://londonmovieawards.com/january-2024
9. Best Music Video and Gold Award Original Song #newyorkmovieawards
10. Gold Award - Original Song and Silver Award - Music Video
#milangoldawards https://milangoldawards.com/january-2024
11. Music Video Silver Award #florenceawards

January 2024 ❤️❤️
Thank you@newcinemafilmfestival https://www.newcinemafestival.com/brazilian-film-academy-awards-24

https://www.wildfilmmakerfestival.com/winners-red-sea-film-script-fest THANK YOU 

https://8andhalfilmawards.com/norway-international-film❤️Thank you 8 & HALFILM AWARDS! (Best Indie Festival 2023) ❤️

Edinburgh International Art Festival https://8andhalfilmawards.com/edinburgh-international
Thank you 8 & HALFILM AWARDS! (Best Indie Festival 2023) 

EARTHLOVE Best Music Video, at TOP SHOT FESTIVAL, a new festival in Warszawa, Poland!❤️https://topshot.tilda.ws/

EarthLove is now a Quarterfinalist, Best Dance Film and best ECO work!❤️ Thank you@portuguese.lemur❤️

21/12 EARTHLOVE: SCREENING AT KINO; LUND, #kortfilmsdagen #folketsbio
December 2023
Thank you!!!❤️
Finalist Best Music Video in The Singapore International Competition @thesingaporeinternationalcompetion

Best Music Video; Zurich, Switzerland  @switzerlandfilmfestivalandscreenplaycompetion

Best Poetic Music Video and Best International Song, Rome; Italy
8 & HALFILM AWARDS! (Best Indie Festival 2023)@8&HALFILMAWARDS

Finalist Best Music Video, Tokyo, Japan. @risingsuncinemafilmfestival

Selected, Portugal, @portuguese.lemur❤️❤️
now competing to become a quarterfinalist in the categories Best Dance Film, Best Cinematography, and Best Eco Work❤️

11/11 Winner Critics Choice Award, Big thank you Calcutta International Cult Film@hlc_cicff❤️

1/11❤️ From finalist to winner! Thank you! EarthLove became a Winner, Honorable Mention, Global Shorts 2023, global-shorts.net/honorable-mentions/
And: With more than 1,000 projects applied, EarthLove made it to the top 10 percent at both:
Official Selection Kosice International Film Festival 2023/2024
Official Selection Budapest Movie Awards 2023/24 Summer Season

#filmfreeway #wearenotsepareatedfromearth #lovelettertoearth
EarthLove is a poetic dance/music film #musicanddancevideo based on a remix by the composer@kentolofsson33, with the dancers @nidia_martinez_barbieri@eme_expand,@isabella.linnea@jer8e@george_pel@riccardo_zandona, with choreographic guidance by@miguelericcortes
@cineamatographer;@benjaminzadig_dp1st camera assistant@jonaseneskarand 2econd camera assistant@kwelinder
Editor; Jakob Nilsson@kattmassage
On theremix;playing: @feliciavoiceperformer@johan.haugen.733 @charliehaugenkonrad @davic Martin Fernandez @piddemaracas @franshanner @kentolofsson33
Supported by@filmcentrumsyd and a big thank you to@danscentrumsyd


My first interview as a film director https://londondirectorawards.com/blog/felicia-konrad

23/9 I was pithcing but did not win but it was a very good experience, thank you @boosthbg 
Pitch Your Heart Out på Nordisk Panorama! From left up above vänster: 
* Olof Bendz med projektet Att bli påkörd av en buss
* Felicia Konrad med projektet The Water Banquet
* Simon Folger med projektet Politiskt haveri
* Gustav Hugo Olsson med projektet Wonder Boy
* Daniela & Michaela Runesson med projektet The Daddy Issue aka Samtalet
* Emmalisa Pauly med projektet VOINE

14/9 PROUD!
Precious Balance Walk was screened in OSLO at ECOPERFORMANCE IN ARCHITECTURE, as part of the teaching and research program BODY & SPACE MORPHOLOGIES ACTING AND THE ACTED IN A MORE-THAN-HUMAN WORLD at the Institute of Architecture The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)Oslo, September 11th, 13th, 14th & 15th 2023. (Prof. Rolf Gerstlauer at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design Head of the Institute of Architecture). 

12/9 Vegas Movie Awards! #vegasmovieawards ❤️❤️❤️ vegasmovieawards.com/shortlist2023
Nomination: BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM Of The Year ("Precious Balance Walk")"- as a previous Vegas Movie Awards™ winner, you have just been selected by our Judging Committee for inclusion in the shortlist of films nominated for the prestigious VMA Awards Gala".

12/9  Best Experimental; Honorable Mention❤️@best_film_awards https://bestfilmawards.com/winners/best-short-film-award (London, England) #filmfreeway
'We are all water in the same Ocean' Yoko Ono

11/9 Both our films, EarthLove and Precious Balance Walk were selected❤️
Thank you! #frenchinternationalmodernfilmandscriptfestival https://modernintfest.wixsite.com/modern-festival

3/9 16.30 Premiere for EARTHLOVE at Panora, Malmö Sweden, 16.30 Free Entrance #malmointhemaking
I Still Live in Water/Felicia Konrad and Johan Haugen, directors, and we will also show our first film PRECIOUS BALANCE WALK. David Carlsson, bass starts with improvising around the themes in the music of both the films, and then a very short intro talk with some questions to the film photographer and cinematographer Benjamin Zadig. 

EarthLove (6.36) is a dance/art/music video, based on a remix by the awesome composer Kent Olofsson.
The dancers who are making the magic with guidance from the choreographer/dancer Miguel Cortéz; are: Nidia Barbieri Martinez Emelia Koberg Isabella Linnéa Eriksson George Pelagias JerryPedersen Riccardo Zandonà Director: Felicia Konrad Assistant Director: Johan Haugen Cinematographer; Benjamin Zadig 1st Camera Assitant: Jonas Eneskär and 2econd Camera Assistant Konrad Welinder. Editor: Jacob Nilsson remix; playing; Felicia Konrad Johan Haugen Charlie Haugen Konrad, David Carlsson, Martin Fernandez @mz_drummer Petter Lindgård Frans Hanner
With support from Filmcentrum Syd and a big thank you to Danscentrum Syd and Skåne Dansteater

Film festivals 2023
1. Quarter-finalist, best music video, and best editing: @belgrade_film_festival Belgrade International Film Festival (coming yearly festival 2024)
2. Best Poetic Dance Film, Best Art Based Film, Best Cinematography; Benjamin Zadig and Best Dancer Nidia Dance: 
Travancore International Film Award - TIFA (Kerala)
3. Officially selected for the third year of https://londondirectorawards.com/official-selection  EarthLove is among the 150 best projects from more than 1,500 projects applied. https://www.instagram.com/londondirectorawards/  
4. Official selection, summer 2023 edition @barcelona_indie_awards. barcelonaindieawards.com/official-selection-of-summer-2023
5. Officially selected to European Short Awards 2023/24 SUMMER SEASON. With more than 1,000 projects applied, EarthLove made it to the top 10 percent. https://europeanshortawards.com/results/202324
6. Official Selection #reelsinternationalfilmfestival
7. Offical Selection #frenchinternationalmodernfilmandscriptfestival
8. Official Selection #redwoodfilmfestival
9. Official Selection GrassRootInternationalFilmFestival

16/8 WOW! Live performance concert Body of Water 3-hour durational 19.30 -22.30 at St Petri Church at @malmofestivalen 16th of August 2023!
Ongoing sound piece Breathing Water, and Water Dialogues: Tina Quartey, David Carlsson, Mats Persson, Felicia Konrad Playlist Spotify


3/9 ❤️ Precious Balance Walk selected #blackowlfestival blackowlfestival.com
#filmfreeway @joakimstampe @lisanyberg_executive @erikhogstrom @merinikula @ignacioperezperez @___earthweaver cinematographer @benjaminzadig sounddesign: @davidglichsumsase editor: @sashafulscher @cameraassistants @annaalander @linneasparen musik: @davic @feliciavoiceperformer, Mats Persson, mentor: @jenifermalmqvist
Med stöd av @nordiskkulturfond @boosthbg @filmcentrumsyd @marintkunsapscenterimalmo

❤️Sao Paolo!! Thank you @garoaawards for Best Experimental and Best Cinematography: Benjamin Zadig! https://www.instagram.com/garoaawards/ #filmfreeway
@preciousbalancewalk @xstampe @hydrachrysalis @ignacioperezperez @merinikula
@lisanyberg_executive @erikhogstrom @benjaminzadig_dp @davidglichsumsase , Sascha Fülscher
@jenifermalmqvist @davic @annaahlander @linneasparen @vagabondkoket @nordiskkulturfond @boosthbg 
@filmcentrumsyd @marintkunskapscenter

1-4 th of JUNE Incredible that Precious Balance Walk is a part of  3rd INTERNATIONAL ECO PERFORMANCE FILM FESTIVAL - 57 films - artists from 28 countries in-person & online
watch the films at youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMau0K7GKEzwNYqMA1lj_3Q
@taanteatro #ecoperformance #arthousefilm #water #waterislife #shortfilm #performancefilm #ekoperformance #artperformance #taantoteatroprojectprogram

Cine Satyros Bijou/São Paulo/Brazil International Ecoperformance Festival YouTube Channel
Faced with the eco-political challenges of the 21st century, the 3rd International Ecoperformance Film Festival continues its transcultural mission of bringing together interdisciplinary artists who work in natural, urban, and virtual landscapes to investigate in an ecopoet[h]ic and cinematographic way the tensions of composition and conflict between environment, body, and ancestry.
Conceived and directed by Brazilian choreographer Maura Baiocchi and organized by Taanteatro Companhia (São Paulo/Brazil), the festival received 216 submissions and selected 57 films (50% from Brazil) - of which 13 premieres

27-28th Received many touching appreciating responses❤️Thank you to all of you that watched our film Precious Balance Walk that was looping at the awesome festival @locallyalien_festival @stplnmalmo @southernswedendesigndays ❣️@lisanyberg_executive (on the screen)  @johan.haugen.733 @preciousbalancewalk  @hydrachrysalis @ignacioperezperez @merinikula
@lisanyberg_executive @erikhogstrom @benjaminzadig @davidglichsumsase saschafülscher
@jenifermalmqvist @davic @annaahlander @linneasparen @vagabondkoket @nordiskkulturfond @boosthbg @filmcentrumsyd@marintkunskapscenter

28 May Our magic slow collective water walk today, on the Ribersborgs beach, Malmö, Sweden, (30 meters in 50 minutes) as a part of the awesome @locallyalien_festival @feral.malmo @stplnmalmo @southernswedendesigndays
@johan.haugen.733 @istillliveinwater @#slowcollectivewaterwalk #performanceartwalks @water @waterwalk
photo. Felicia Konrad

27-28 May our film Precious Balance Walk will be shown as a part of 

On the 27th of May, from 14.00-15.00, we will also make a Collective Slow Water Walk,
where we will be focusing on our breathing and the oxygen coming from the Ocean.
Gathering close to bridge 1 at Ribersborg beach, Malmö.

1/3 ❤️❤️ BIG thank you! @yourway_filmfestival (Malta) #shortfilm #experimental #filmfreeway
(saw that another Swedish short film; "To Garbo and Lenin", has been selected for this festival earlier)
@johan.haugen.733@preciousbalancewalk @xstampe @hydrachrysalis @ignacioperezperez @merinikula
@lisanyberg_executive @erikhogstrom @benjaminzadig_dp @davidglichsumsase saschafülscher
@jenifermalmqvist @davic @annaahlander @linneasparen @vagabondkoket @nordiskkulturfond @boosthbg @filmcentrumsyd @marintkunskapscenter

11/4 ❤️❤️ THANK YOU @bridge_of_peace2022 #filmfreeway
"We are all water in the same Ocean" Yoko Ono
"We created the Bridge of Peace Film Festival in France in order to focus the audience's attention on the pressing problems of humanity, in order to seek and find an answer to the question of how to live in a world without wars, without oppression, how to learn to respect the traditions and culture of other peoples, how to preserve nature and its diversity for new generations."

23/3 From nominee to Best Experimental! and first time in Hungary ❤️Thank you❤️ @budapestfilmfestival_official Top film festival at #filmfreeway
'We are all water in the same Ocean' Yoko Ono
@johan.haugen.733@preciousbalancewalk @xstampe @hydrachrysalis @ignacioperezperez
@lisanyberg_executive @merinikula
@erikhogstrom @benjaminzadig_dp @davidglichsumsase @saschfülscher @jenifermalmqvist @davic @annaahlander @linneasparen @vagabondkoket @nordiskkulturfond @boosthbg @filmcentrumsyd @marintkunskapscenter

21/3 Japan, @tokyofilmawards❤️ Best Experimental!! Thank you  #filmfreeway
'We are all water in the same Ocean' Yoko Ono
@johan.haugen.733@preciousbalancewalk @xstampe @hydrachrysalis @ignacioperezperez
@lisanyberg_executive @merinikula@erikhogstrom @benjaminzadig_dp @davidglichsumsase @saschfülscher @jenifermalmqvist @davic @annaahlander @linneasparen @vagabondkoket @nordiskkulturfond @boosthbg @filmcentrumsyd @marintkunskapscenter

9/3 2023, Nice, France ❤️ Best Experimental!! Thank you @goldengiraffe_festival; Golden Giraffe International Film Festival#filmfreeway "We are all water in the same Ocean' Yoko Ono
@johan.haugen.733@preciousbalancewalk @xstampe @hydrachrysalis @ignacioperezperez @merinikula
@lisanyberg_executive @erikhogstrom @benjaminzadig_dp @davidglichsumsase @saschfülscher @jenifermalmqvist @davic @annaahlander @linneasparen @vagabondkoket @nordiskkulturfond @boosthbg @filmcentrumsyd 

1/3 2023 ROM; ITALY❣️Best Original Soundtrack for our film Precious Balance Walk❤️
Thank you Fox International Film Festival @foxif.festival ❤️#filmfreeway
If you want to listen to the song; 'Water is instinct' by @davic @feliciavoiceperformer and Mats Persson (Water Dialogues) https://open.spotify.com/track/1gvDqE0n4lGOIGTlDg4U4B?si=295ccb8c4ab046f1

4/2 2023❤️!!!!!!BEST EXPERIMENTAL
www.facebook.com/echonationaudioandfilmfestival (seasonal updates at Facebook) #filmfreeway
'We are all water in the same Ocean' Yoko Ono
@johan.haugen.733@preciousbalancewalk @xstampe @hydrachrysalis @ignacioperezperez
@lisanyberg_executive @merinikula@erikhogstrom @benjaminzadig_dp @davidglichsumsase @saschfülscher 
@jenifermalmqvist @davic @annaahlander @linneasparen @vagabondkoket @nordiskkulturfond @boosthbg 
@filmcentrumsyd @marintkunskapscenter

14/1 2023 Incredible ❤️!!!!!!BEST EXPERIMENTAL But also BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY (award of prestige)@benjaminzadig
@vegasmovieawards #filmfreeway

'We are all water in the same Ocean' Yoko Ono
@johan.haugen.733@preciousbalancewalk @xstampe @hydrachrysalis @ignacioperezperez
@lisanyberg_executive @merinikula@erikhogstrom @benjaminzadig_dp @davidglichsumsase @saschfülscher @jenifermalmqvist @davic @annaahlander @linneasparen @vagabondkoket @nordiskkulturfond @boosthbg @filmcentrumsyd @marintkunskapscenter

6/1 2023 Athen, monthly art film festival ❤️ @aimaffestival
'We are all water in the same Ocean' Yoko Ono
@johan.haugen.733@preciousbalancewalk @xstampe @hydrachrysalis @ignacioperezperez
@lisanyberg_executive @merinikula
@erikhogstrom @benjaminzadig_dp @davidglichsumsase @saschfülscher @jenifermalmqvist @davic @annaahlander @linneasparen @vagabondkoket @nordiskkulturfond @boosthbg @filmcentrumsyd @marintkunskapscenter

5/1 2023 ❤️@newyorktristate https://www.newyorktristatefilm.com/jan2023-winners #filmfreeway
Honorable Mention to us for our film Precious Balance Walk!

'We are all water in the same Ocean' Yoko Ono @johan.haugen.733 @preciousbalancewalk @xstampe @hydrachrysalis @ignacioperezperez
@lisanyberg_executive @merinikula
@erikhogstrom @benjaminzadig_dp @davidglichsumsase @saschfülscher @jenifermalmqvist @davic @annaahlander @linneasparen @vagabondkoket @nordiskkulturfond @boosthbg @filmcentrumsyd @marintkunskapscenter

4/1 2023 Best Experimental ❤️fridafilmfestival.com
@johan.haugen.733 @preciousbalancewalk @xstampe @hydrachrysalis @ignacioperezperez
@lisanyberg_executive @merinikula
@erikhogstrom @benjaminzadig_dp @davidglichsumsase @saschfülscher @jenifermalmqvist @davic @annaahlander @linneasparen @vagabondkoket @nordiskkulturfond @boosthbg @filmcentrumsyd @marintkunskapscenter

21/12 WOW! ❤️Precious Balance Walk, Best Sound Design David Gülich 
#parisshortsfilmawards #filmfreeway
 Ono @johan.haugen.733 @preciousbalancewalk @xstampe @hydrachrysalis @ignacioperezperez
@lisanyberg_executive @merinikula
@erikhogstrom @benjaminzadig_dp @davidglichsumsase @saschfülscher @jenifermalmqvist @davic @annaahlander @linneasparen @vagabondkoket @nordiskkulturfond @boosthbg @filmcentrumsyd @marintkunskapscenter
18/12 Hawaii!!!❤️ Our film Precious Balance Walk is a Best Dance or Poetic film nominee! 
@magmafilmfest @filmfreeway
You can watch it at magmafilmfest.com til the 23rd of December.


11/11 Very humbling! Our film Precious Balance Walk won Best Dance or Poetic Film!❤️
@climaxfilmfest in Spain!
'We are all water in the same Ocean' Yoko Ono @johan.haugen.733 @preciousbalancewalk @xstampe @hydrachrysalis @ignacioperezperez
@lisanyberg_executive @merinikula@erikhogstrom @benjaminzadig_dp @davidglichsumsase @saschfülscher @jenifermalmqvist @davic @annaahlander @linneasparen @vagabondkoket @nordiskkulturfond @boosthbg @filmcentrumsyd @marintkunskapscenter

12/9 Filmfestival Event screening from Ukraine date 12 Oct.
Unfortunately they had to postpone the festival because Russian increased their bombing all over Ukraine. @europeanpeacefilmfest on Instagram
All screenings are free. All films will be shown mixed with a 10-minute break. The screenings of the films will start at the specified time and will continue until the screenings are over. A small military group will be present around the hall in case of any attack. There will be a limited screening for security reasons.
Всі покази безкоштовні. Всі фільми будуть показані упереміж з 10-хвилинною перервою. Покази фільмів почнуться в зазначений час і триватимуть до тих пір, поки покази не закінчаться. Невелика Військова група буде знаходитися навколо залу на випадок будь-якого нападу. З міркувань безпеки перевірка буде обмеженою.

Precious Balance Walk with support from @nordiskulturfond @filmcentrumsyd @boosthbg @marintkunskapscenterialmo @ohboyhotel

26/9 Thank you #malmogallerihelg2022 #konstframjandetiskane,  S:t Pauli Church in Malmö, and all you around 40 persons that came and saw our film, some of you more than 1 time,  it was magic when Meri Nikulas high pitched voice streamed out in the space of the Church! Still from film Benjamin Zadig, performance artist; Erik Högström
If you want to see the film you can stream it in Sweden at Triart

26/9 It was a wonderful experience with our Live Performance Concert Body of Water in St Pauli Church, Malmö, #malmogallerihelg2022 #konstframjandetiskane;
here is a short film of clips on Instagram  

24/9 Very happy that Body of Water and our film Precious Balance Walk was one of the first mentioned and tipped about by the wonderful art critic Carolina Söderholm, in our local/regional paper; 'Here is the art you shall not miss'

23-25 Sept 2022 The Gallerywekeend in Malmö, #Malmogallerihelg2022 #konstframjandetskane
at Sankt Pauli Church, Malmö/Sweden
Body of Water/Kropp av Vatten
23/9 Live Performance Concert 19.30 
with our constellation Breathing  Water: Felicia Konrad, David Carlsson, Mats Persson, and Tina Quartey.  www.breathingwater.se                                                                                                                                                   photo Johan Haugen
23/9 Our arthouse film Precious Balance Walk will be looping 18.00 - 19.15 and 20.50 - 22.00

24-25/9, 12-16,  Outdoor installation with Body of Water Guided Meditation instructions beside the big porch at the church. 

About the live performance concert: This will be an extended version based on both our sound piece Breathing Water and our first version of the Live Performance Concert 'Body of Water/Kropp av Vatten', which we created on commission by Malmö Art Museum when our sound piece Water Dialogues was exhibited there outdoor July-August 2020, as an extension of the exhibition Shape Shifters. The Sound piece Water Dialogues was originally created in 2018 on commission for the audio log at Tomelilla Art hall for the exhibition Amniotic Fluid/I Still Live in Water. 


9/9 Happy to say that Precious Balance Walk von; Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Photo, at our second Film Festival in Turkey! @goldenwheatawards @communityofcinema

28/8 We won Best Experimental at this Film Festival in Turkey!@venuscommunityawards
"We are all water in the same Ocean" Yoko Ono

17/7 ❤️Precious Balance Walk has just been selected and included in the annual program, we won one place out of 36 to be live screened at Arrow International Film Festival at the end of 2022. #nordicculturefund #filmcentrumsyd #boosthbg #marintkunskapscenterimalmo @preciousbalancewalk @johan.haugen.733 @xstampe @erikhogstrom @hydrachrysalis @lisanyberg_executive @merinikula @ignacioperezperez @benjaminzadig_dp @davidglichsumsase @saschfülscher @jenifermalmqvist @annaahlander @linneasparen @vagabondkoket

10/6 Far away from here! Best Experimental in Bhutan International Short Film Festival 2022 (may)
@nordiskkulturfond @filmcentrumsyd @boosthbg Boost @Marint Kunskapscenter i Malmö
#waterisalive #waterisentient 
If you wish to stream in Sweden https://triart.se/streama/precious-balance-walk

9/6 Humbly happy that our film Precious Balance Walk won Best European Experimental Film in this festival based in Cannes #waterisalive #waterisentient sweetdemocracyfilmawards.com/winners-may-edition-ii
@sweetdemocrazyawards @nordiskkulturfond @filmcentrumsyd @boosthbg @Marint Kunskapscenter i Malmö 

2/6 Happy! Precios Balance Walk won Best Arthouse Film in this monthly film festival situated in Rom.
@nordicculturefund @filmcentrumsyd @boosthbg @marintkunskapscenterimalmo

29/4 Precious Balance Walk nominated finalist (1-10, genre best poetic) in a great film festival in London,
humbly happy!  @lonelywolffest https://www.lonelywolffilmfest.com/spring2022-finalists.html
@filmcentrumsyd @nordiskkulturfond @boosthbg @marintkunskapscenter
If you wish to stream it in Sweden; www.triart.se/streama/precious-balance-walk

9/4 Selected! If we are lucky our film Precious Balance Walk will be screened in Madrid!
@nordiskkulturfond @filmcentrumsyd @boosthelsingborg @marintkunskapscenter


13/3 WOW!! Precious Balance Walk won BEST EXPERIMENTAL, BEST SOUND EDITING; BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY in Arrow International Film Festival http://arrowfest.tilda.ws/winnersjanfeb  #arrowinternationalfilmfestival 
@nordiskkulturfond @filmcentrumsyd @boosthelsingborg @marintkunskapscenter

1/3 We are very proud that our cinematographer Benjamin Zadig @benjaminzadig won Special Award 
at this film festival in Moldavia; @cinematiceuropeanfilmfestival. 
@nordiskkulturfond @filmcentrumsyd @boosthelsingborg @marintkunskapscenter

10/2 Precious Balance Walk is nominated for Best Experimental in this film festival in India!
Update 2/3 Wow; AWARD WINNER; Outstanding Achievement 
#reelsinternationalfilmfestival @nordiskkulturfond @filmcentrumsyd @boosthelsingborg @marintkunskapscen

1/2 Selected! Update 10/2 Precious Balance Walks awarded in our first film festival in India!
Best Performing Arts and also Critics Choice! Breathtaking. 
@hlccicff @nordiskkulturfond @filmcentrumsyd @boosthelsingborg @marintkunskapscenter

26/1 PRECIOUS BALANCE WALK NOMINATED BEST EXPERIMENTAL, the event will be in June 2022 #gliffgoldenlemurfestival #filmcentrumsyd #nordiskkulturfund 
(Precious Balance Walk won Best Experimental Oct 2021, Gliff at their every monthly online festival, and was then selected to the yearly festival 2022, and then now nominated.) 

Last 2021

28/12 Release EP Breathing Water 
Felicia Konrad, David Carlsson, Mats Persson Tina Quartey
1. Can the Ocean Die 
2. Shoreline Walk West Harbour Malmoe
3. The Storm

4. 1 ship comes loaded 1 of 40 000 yearly in The Sound (underwater sound pollution)
Spotify EP     Bandcamp
Youtube 1     Youtube 2        Youtube 3        Youtube 4


28/12 VERY GRATEFUL❤️ ; Johanna Olofsson, choose a part of our sound piece; Breathing Water Deep by David Carlsson @davic to her Kalejdoskop, Swedish radio.
breathingwater.se, @davic Mats Persson, @tinaquartey @feliciavoiceperformer                                   photo Johan Haugen
Breathing Water have project development support by @malmökulturstöd 

23/12 This is our Christmas present; now you can watch/stream at TriArt, @triart but only in Sweden! www.triart.se/streama/precious-balance-walk

16/12 @flickfair Precious Balance Walk Selected to Flickfair Film Festival, a very fast-growing online film festival taking place in January 2022. We are very happy for that!

2/2 Precious Balance Walk selected! We are very grateful, this is a festival committed to Peace! 
@hollywoodtiber Here is the webpage; http://hollywoodonthetiberfilmawards.com/

Friday 26/11 Number 3 and 4, single release  
Breathing Water Ambient by Mats Persson, and Breathing Water Deep by David Carlsson @davic,
both instant compositions with an vibrating sensuous flow. Breathing Water received project development support by #malmökulturstöd                             
Stills from film by Benjamin Zadig @syrsazadig
Breathing Water AmbientSpotify   Youtube
Breathing Water DeepSpotify   Youtube

20-30/11, Precious Balance Walk together with 127 other films online! 
Live 21/11 and 28/11 at, Islands Brygge Kulturhus in Copenhagen. We will attend the 28th and be intervieved by the great Elisabeth Torres. https://poeticphonotheque.com/

12/11 SINGLE RELEASE NUMBER 2 of our sound piece Breathing Water; for THE SOUND, (Öresund), an instant composition playing-with-becoming-with the sounds from field recordings from the shorelines from The Sound/Öresund, Malmö. Spotify Youtube


LISTEN    SPOTIFY     BANDCAMP      YOUTUBE       YOUTUBE2                                                 

29/10 RELEASED! The first part Ocean - Vibrating the Connection was initiated by ideas from Mats Persson, playing his beautiful electronic kalimba and the rest of us followed! The whole piece is collectively discussed and processed, step by step, but David Carlsson has had the role of the artistic producer. The sound piece Breathing Water will contain 5 parts and we will publish every part of it one by one, as singles during Oct-Nov-Dec 2021. 

Starting finally!!! 
We have decided that our sound piece Breathing Water will be presented on its own webpage, because we will publish the whole piece, by singles, and the whole project has grown and deepened in a way that has lead to a need for more space; so here is the web page; www.breathingwater.se

Our coming sound piece Andas Vatten/Breathing Water received project development support from Malmö Cultural Support. Working with the field recordings, composing, and recording sessions in Gula Studion. We=Felicia Konrad, David Carlsson, Mats Persson, Tina Quartey

9/11- 30/11 Precious Balance Walk from the 15th-30eith of November, online!
We are especially proud of being selected for Water Docs, Canada, a film festival dedicated to water, and this year celebrating 10 years. Many perspectives are presented for example Natures Rights, Indigenous, and many more. Our film Precious Balance Walk one can find in the program of Water and the Arts and a still from our film was chosen on top for the presentation of all the art films. 
From about the festival; "Ecologos takes a unique approach to motivation. Rather than resorting to doom and gloom and guilt to move people, we appeal to their fundamental connection to nature. We all have powerful memories of encounters with the natural world. Our programs reconnect people with these deeply felt experiences and nourish a commitment to action for water, a liveable climate, and a sustainable future."

22/10 Precious Balance Walk won Best Experimental Gliff Golden Lemur Film Festival 2021!!!

6/10 Before the screening at Malmö Art Hall, the performance artist Joakim Stampe, that is one of the 6 nordic performance artists in the film Precious Balance Walk, held a workshop in painting with water, a very spontaneous and warm action spread! And in the art hall, as an intro, the base player David Carlsson played improvisations around the theme that he plays in the film just before the screening.                                                                                                   photo Katarina Dalström

6/10 Precious Balance Walk at Malmö Art Hall. Facebook event 

                                                                                                          Lisa Nyberg still from film Benjamin Zadig

2/10- 7/11 Our film Precious Balance Walk and the sound piece Water Dialogues is a part of Gibca extended, Gothenburg International Biennal for Contemporary Art, at Tjörn Municipality. 


21/9 WOW! Precious Balance Walk was selected for Serbest International Film Festival!

12/9 Copenhagen here it comes, live screening November 21st or 28th, and online!
"Amazing news! Precious Balance Walk was just selected by Nature & Culture - Poetry Film Festival via FilmFreeway.com!"

6/9 Precious Balance Walk at Friis Frame, Panora, Malmö. Here is also Facebook event


Photo Ignacio Pérez Pérez, Erik Högström still from film Benjamin Zadig

18/8 Wonderful! The first festival in East Europe! Precious Balance Walk!!!!


22/8 Live Performance with interactivity
The Throne
- Our desire to own water/nature
The Hierarchy, the dominance. The climate changes.
A poetic reflecting and examining performance with interactivity by Felicia Konrad, Johan Haugen, Erik Högström, Annou Nilsson, Lisa Nyberg och Alicia DAilly.
Place: Ribersborgs beach, Between bridges 1 and 2, (close to the bridge that leads to the Coldwater Bathhouse). Time: 14-16.
The Throne is a free continuation of the performance with interactivity 'Water is instinct' that we did in August 2017.                                                                                             
photo Felicia Konrad

13/8 Our film Precious Balance is selected to  Druk International Film Festival, 2021, and received the award Outstanding Achievement (july 2021), in Buthan! #filmfreeway #drukfilm @drukfilm 

6/7 Our Film Precious Balance Walk did it again, won BEST EXPERIMENTAL in European Short Film Festival, showcasing the cutting edge of short filmmaking from around the world.
We jumped up from our chairs when we saw it!
here are all the winners
#europeanshortfilmfestival #filmfreeway #nordiskkulturfond #nordicculturefund #filmcentrumsyd #boosthelsingborg #marintkunskapscenterimalmo #ohboyhotel #feliciavoiceperformer#johanhaugen
#lisanyberg_executive #joakimstampe #erikhogberg #ignacioperezperez #hydrachrysalis #davic #merinikula #benjaminzadig
#saschafulscher #jenifermalmqvist #davidglichsumasae


1/7 Our film Precious Balance Walk won Best Experimental, ARRF Paris! Crazy happy!
here is all the winners 
#aroundfilmawards #filmfreeway #aroundfilm #arffparis #officialselection #imdb #filmfestival #arffinternational #wsxa #filmmaker #wscreenshowcase #cinema #filmindustry #nordiskkulturfond #nordicculturefund #filmcentrumsyd #boosthelsingborg #marintkunskapscenterimalmo #ohboyhotel #feliciavoiceperformer#johanhaugen #lisanyberg_executive #joakimstampe #erikhogberg #ignacioperezperez #hydrachrysalis #davic #merinikula #benjaminzadig #saschafulscher #jenifermalmqvist #davidglichsumasae


photo Johan Haugen photo Johan Haugen

12/6 We are very proud, this summer, 2-5 of August some of our sound pieces will a part of Malmö Sommarscen installed at 'Ljudkullen'; https://malmo.se/Sommarscen-Malmo/Programmet/Hela-programmet/Water-Dialogues.html 
Felicia Konrad, David Carlsson, Mats Persson, Tina Quartey, Caroline Leander, Robin Knutsson 
#sommarscenmalmo #ljudkullen #Davic #tinaquartey #feliciavoicperformer #caroline_leander #istillliveinwater #johanhaugen                                                                                                                                                 

The pieces have been installed and exhibited before; Malmö Art Museum, Tomelilla Art Hall, Blå Ställets Art Hall, Water Works (global online exhibition), Outdoor; Rya Skog, Hisingen/Gothenburg. 

9/6 Happy news!!!!!!!
Precious Balance Walk selected to European Short Film Festival, Best Experimental

That due to the covid will run online using Eventive, internationally: June 21st-30th

1/6 WOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!
Precious Balance Walk nominated and selected to ARFF Paris; Best Experimental Film! 

#aroundfilmfestival #filmfreeway #aroundfilms #arffparis #officialselection #imdb #filmfestival #arffinternational #wsxa #filmmaker #wscreenshowcase #cinema #filmindustry #arrounfilmawards

29/4 Examined by the Serbest Film Festival
"We are pleased to inform you that we, as the organizers of the Serbest International Film Festival (SIFF) examined your film «Precious Balance Walk» on the Filmfreeway platform and made the collective decision to inform you that we were pleasantly surprised by your film, so we made a collective decision to invite your film to consideration by our jury for participation." 

So we have applied! Thank you Serbest Film Festival. 

YES!, in August some of our existing sound pieces with a water theme will be installed public in Malmö. More info coming in the middle of June. 

PURE HAPPINESS! Our Film Precious Balance Walk (13.24) 
"Greetings from Stockholm Independent Film Festival!
Congratulations as your film have been nominated for Best Arthouse Film in Stockholm Independent Film Festival 2021

Online; June 17-24, 2021


"Precious Balance Walk has been selected for screening at the 2021 Water Docs Film Festival. 
Happy New Year, "
The Water Docs Film Festival Programming Team

We are very very grateful and happy; our idea; the sound piece/installation Andas Vatten/Breathing Water received project development support from Malmö City Culture Support!

In January - August we will work with a piece focusing on the fact that 2 out of 3 breaths is oxygen coming from the Oceans! Andas Vatten/Breathing Water will be a collaboration and it is Felicia Konrad with David Carlsson, Mats Persson, and Tina Quartey that did the sound piece; Water Dialogues. Johan Haugen/I Still Live in Water will participate with artistic inputs and directions, breathing, and documenting (photo and film). We will also collaborate with Michael Palmgren, Marine Knowledge Center here in Malmö. Michael Palmgren introduced educating work with Ocean Literacy here in Malmö, and have 45 years of experience as a scientist, marine biologist and diver.     


Since Sept we are applying to film festivals, SVT short films, and are also in contact with different art halls and museums. But due to the situation, it is not totally clear, but one agreement with Malmö Art Hall is made, the plan is to show the film before as a program point and maybe during the exhibition of  Sun & Sea, Opera.                                                                                                                                                              Still from film by Benjamin Zadig
17/9 COMPLETED Precious Balance Walk (13.24) 
The cinematographer Benjamin Zadig has finalized the color grading, Sascha Fülcher edited the trailer. We are HAPPY! 

28/7 - 16/8 
Outdoor installation of the sound piece Water Dialogues at Malmö Art Museum, as an extension of the ongoing exhibition Shapeshifters9/8; Slow collective walk 16/9 Live Performance Concert; Body of Water with Felicia Konrad, David Carlsson, Mats Persson, Tina Quartey. Film long documentation  Short film clip  Short clip with waterphone
                                                                                                                    Felicia Konrad, Photo Johan Haugen

June update; 
Precious Balance Walk, our short art film. 6 nordic Performance artist invited to perform in and with water. David Gülich has now finalized the sound design, and in the beginning of September Benjamin Zadig will finish the color grading, and Sascha Fülcher will help us to make the trailer. THEN the film is ready to be shown.
We are in contact with art halls and art museums in Sweden and applying to film festivals, so the work has begun! 
                                                                                                                         Still from film by Benjamin Zadig

5/5 We are very happy and grateful! Our report to NORDIC CULTURE FOND that has given our short film Precious Balance Walk support has been approved! And that means that the last 15 % of the support will be paid out. 
Money right into the end of the post-production.

7/3 We are still working on to find finance to complete with the sound design and the color grading. In June we will receive answers. Our goal is tha the film will be complete and ready to be shown in august 2020. 
We are hanging in there, grateful for the warmth and love from all 6 performance artists in the film, and the cinematographer Benjamin Zadig, and sound designer David Gülich, and our coach Jenifer Malmqvist, and Filmcentrum Syd. #waterislife#preciousbalancewalk                                             Still from film by Benjamin Zadig

12/1  Now we have completed the visual editing process with the editor Sascha Fülcher, at Filmcentrum Syd, Malmö. The next step is soundscape/sound design that is going to be created by David Gülich.
#waterisalive                                                                                                    Still from film by Benjamin Zadig

11/10 2019 Some stop in our process of making the film Precious Balance Walk, now applying for postproduction support, a new tryout! ❤️#preciousbalancewalk #lifewithfilm #waterisalive But we are very grateful, we think we have a great film and sound material! So we will keep on working on finding ways.  Still from film by Benjamin Zadig

Sept 2019 We are grateful, we have received interest for Precious Balance Walk, by the great film festival in Canada; 
Water Docs. The young water protector Autumn Peltier just received The Water Warrior Award from the festival. 
                                                                                                                      Still from film by Benjamin Zadig 

Sept 2019 Thanks to support from Filmcentrum Syd, and thanks to our coaching consultant Jenifer Malmqvist who helped us to edit a work in progress, and Basel, Filmcentrum Syd, who helped us to complete it, we were able to apply in the last call to New Frontier Filmfestival Sundance with our coming film Precious Balance Walk. Feels fantastic!                                                                                                        Still from film by Benjamin Zadig                                  

August 2019 We are happy to announce that we received coaching support from BoostHbg for Jenifer Malmqvist, with the purpose to support and strengthen the film process and help to spread the coming film; Precious Balance Walk so it can be seen at new platforms!!!❤️ http://www.nordicwomeninfilm.com/person/jenifer-malmqvist
                                                                                                                         Still from film by Benjamin Zadig

Follow updates and documentation of the process of making the film Precious Balance Walk at https://www.facebook.com/Istillliveinwater or at Instagram; #preciousbalancewalk  Still from film by Benjamin Zadig


The filming starts on the 15th of august at Ribersborgs city beach. Full moon! 

We also thank for the coming support from Marint Kunskapscenter, lending us wet suits, and already asked us to come and later on show the film there and talk about it when they have inaugurated their new nature room at Öresund! And thank you Ohboy, bicycle hotel for reducing prices for the nights the artists that need to stay over in Malmö. We also thank you, people, that answered on our small-scale crowdfunding so that we could fill a hole in our budget! 

Precious Balance Walk (13.24)


Water Dialogues played in Swedish Radio, Jazzradion 31/3 and Kalejdoskop 14/4 
16/3 at 16.00 (4 pm)  2019 
Digital Release of the sound piece Water Dialogues, by Felicia Konrad, David Carlsson, Mats Persson and Tina Quartey.  
Live concert, sound installation, drinking water from a spring, water meditation at Underverket, Malmö.  
Facebook event  Water Dialogues at Spotify 
Water Dialogues at Bandcamp

"Very associative and visual. The ASMR feeling in the mix with bass and voice in Water is instinct really works great in Water is Instinct.
There is a calmness, stillness and naturalness in the whole pieces that makes it very exciting, and the work with the sound, and it's effects is impressive. Super great work. "

"Very special. Incredibly well integrated in many levels - the sound, the listening, the musical, the storytelling with the sound/the basic/elementry and the personal story. And BEAUTIFUL! I especially like the sounds of the water and the honesty in the vocal. Very good recordings and very good produced."

"Listening to Water Dialogues now. I LOVE IT! The vocal is awesome, deep and beautiful, and the music and the sound landscape is magic.
I really like that it sounds like a collective. The different pieces blend together so well and smooth. I hope you will play live again soon."

From the Art Intendant Desriée Lennklo at Tomelilla Arthall.
"During the exhibition period, many of our visitors took part of Water Dialogues.
It was installed in an almost dark room in the lower part of the art hall. In the room, there was sitting possibilities and the sound piece was experienced by help from audioguides and headphones. The sound piece seemed to stimulate stillness and reflection. Often when we in the staff were crossing the room you met visitors sitting and half laying in s
acosacs, apparently encapsulated in the sound piece. And in themselves. 
The sound piece appealed to both children and adults, and these moments of stillness and soulful presence as the piece offered gave the visitors a very strong experience. -Tomelilla Arthall found that the sound piece was very appreciated and that it gave a deepening understanding, not only in the understanding of our relationship to water, but also and maybe the most important, our relation to ourselves, our origin and our future." 

Short improvisational film clip in the event posts: Fishhands...Our skeleton is proof of our lives in the Oceans, if we would not have been fish we would not have been able to move to do these simple moves with our hands and wrists...

8 sep – 4 nov 2018
I Still Live In Water/Amniotic Fluid
Tomelilla Konsthall, Sweden

Photo: Johan Haugen
Soundpiece: Water Dialogues: Felicia Konrad vocal/text/soundpiece David Carlsson music/soundpiece
Mats Persson soundpiece/sound design, Tina Quartey gong/percussion in water

I Still Live In Water invites to an interactive performance 9/9 13.00 at Tomelilla Konsthall.
We will present a guided water meditation and taste water from Värmland, Skåne and Iceland. WELCOME!
Thank you Rannveig þyri Guðmundsdóttir, river protector, and Linda Mjöll Stefansdóttir, filmdesigner and shaman!


24 aug 2018
A tribute to water as the driving force of life
Ribbersborgs City Beach, Malmö, Sweden

Do you want to participate in a ”Water Walk” with inspiration from Global Performance Art Walks? Initiative takers are the artproject I still live in water; Felicia Konrad och Johan Haugen together with the artists Erik Högström, Susanne Ovelius and Monika Gora.

Friday 24/8
18.00 Gathering and preparation. Place: on the beach, beside the beginning of the bridge 1, leading Ribersborgs Kallbadhus.

18.30 Guided Watermeditation for establish presence, contact between each other and the big body of water, Öresund. We also practise on slow walking inspired by the slow walk of the japanese dance form Butoh. 

Relational perspective and approach: Hydrosphere.
We open up to the approach as being a part of the hydrosphere, that is the collective name for all water that is in the oceans and seas, lakes and rivers, the ground and the groundwater, the ice and the glaciers, water that is bounded in the biosphere, that means in plants, trees and all living organisms (including ourselves) and the atomosphere.

19.00 Water Walk starts
We start to move from the beginning of bridge 1, and walk along the waterfront/in the water to the Marinpedagogic Center.
We begin together with the slow walk and that is also how we end the walk. (During preparation time we will clearify the specific place on the beach when we will dissolve the slow walk and when we will resume it again).

When we start the walk together it is in terms of common sense and respect for each others choice of expression and space and from there we improvise and interact our walk.

”It is tide water in the body, we ebb and float through time and space-body, to body, to body, to body. ”Virginia Wolf"

Water is the driving force of all living ”Leonardo da Vinci”


Erik Högström: http://erikum.se/
Monika Gora: http://gora.se/
Susanne Ovelius: http://susanneovelius.tumblr.com/

Workshop in Iceland 29 may -1 june
Communicate and Travel with Water

Leaders of the workshop:
Felicia Konrad -Medium and Artist/Voiceperformer, Malmö/Sweden, from the intuitive art project I still live in water.
Linda Windwolf - Shaman/Healer and Designer
(Linda Mjöll Stefansdóttir)
Rannveig Þyri Guðmundsdóttir - Healer and river protector/communicator.

The Water is calling us and We are Water Creatures! 

Welcome to a workshop where the intention is to anchor you in the simplicity of communicating and learning from water.

As vibration takes matter, we will tune into the vibration of water. To assist this connection and sensing our own vibration we will make sounds with our own unique voices.

Through meditation and tasting the water from Icelands different rivers, we sense how varied the energy and stories are as well as how different they taste.

The workshop takes place both indoors as well as out in nature. Linda and Rannveig will guide us to the waterfall Helgafoss, situated close to Esjan, as well as introducing us to the river Blikdalsá. At the river you will be given the opportunity to behold in your cellular structure a deep healing by way of its cleansing and joyful properties. In its pure white energy it also opens up the ability to fine tune your hearing and strengthen your connection to the stars.