19/6 2019
We just received support for the short film Precious Balance Walking! Very grateful and happy!

Water Dialogues played in Swedish Radio,
Jazzradion 31/3 and Kalejdoskop 14/4 
16/3 at 16.00 (4 pm)  2019 
Digital Release of the sound piece Water Dialogues, by Felicia Konrad, David Carlsson, Mats Persson and Tina Quartey.  Live concert, soundinstallation, drinking water from a spring, water meditation at Underverket, Malmö.  Facebook event  Water Dialogues at Spotify  Water Dialogues at Bandcamp

"Very associative and visual. The ASMR feeling in the mix with bass and voice in Water is instinct really works great in Water is Instinct.
There is a calmness, stillness and naturalness in the whole pieces that makes it very exciting, and the work with the sound, and it's effects is impressive. Super great work. "

"Very special. Incredibly well integrated in many levels - the sound, the listening, the musical, the storytelling with the sound/the basic/elementry and the personal story. And BEAUTIFUL! I especially like the sounds of the water and the honesty in the vocal. Very good recordings and very good produced."

"Listening to Water Dialogues now. I LOVE IT! The vocal is awesome, deep and beautiful, and the music and the sound landscape is magic.
I really like that it sounds like a collective. The different pieces blend together so well and smooth. I hope you will play live again soon."

From the Art Intendant Desriée Lennklo at Tomelilla Arthall.
"During the exhibition period, many of our visitors took part of Water Dialogues.
It was installed in an almost dark room in the lower part of the art hall. In the room, there was sitting possibilities and the sound piece was experienced by help from audioguides and headphones. The sound piece seemed to stimulate stillness and reflection. Often when we in the staff were crossing the room you met visitors sitting and half laying in s
acosacs, apparently encapsulated in the sound piece. And in themselves. 
The sound piece appealed to both children and adults, and these moments of stillness and soulful presence as the piece offered gave the visitors a very strong experience. -Tomelilla Arthall found that the sound piece was very appreciated and that it gave a deepening understanding, not only in the understanding of our relationship to water, but also and maybe the most important, our relation to ourselves, our origin and our future." 

Short improvisational film clip in the event posts: Fishhands...Our skeleton is proof of our lives in the Oceans, if we would not have been fish we would not have been able to move to do these simple moves with our hands and wrists...

End 2018 and 2019 I still Live in Water applying for making a short art film:
Precious Balance Walk with the artists; Joakim Stampe, Erik Högström, Lisa Nyberg, Elena Lundqvist Ortiz, Meri Nikula and Ignazio Péres Péres.

8 sep – 4 nov 2018
I Still Live In Water/Amniotic Fluid
Tomelilla Konsthall, Sweden

Photo: Johan Haugen
Soundpiece: Water Dialogues: Felicia Konrad vocal/text/soundpiece David Carlsson music/soundpiece
Mats Persson soundpiece/sound design, Tina Quartey gong/percussion in water

I Still Live In Water invites to an interactive performance 9/9 13.00 at Tomelilla Konsthall.
We will present a guided water meditation and taste water from Värmland, Skåne and Iceland. WELCOME!
Thank you Rannveig þyri Guðmundsdóttir, river protector, and Linda Mjöll Stefansdóttir, filmdesigner and shaman!


24 aug 2018
A tribute to water as the driving force of life
Ribbersborgs City Beach, Malmö, Sweden

Do you want to participate in a ”Water Walk” with inspiration from Global Performance Art Walks? Initiative takers are the artproject I still live in water; Felicia Konrad och Johan Haugen together with the artists Erik Högström, Susanne Ovelius and Monika Gora.

Friday 24/8
18.00 Gathering and preparation. Place: on the beach, beside the beginning of the bridge 1, leading Ribersborgs Kallbadhus.

18.30 Guided Watermeditation for establish presence, contact between each other and the big body of water, Öresund. We also practise on slow walking inspired by the slow walk of the japanese dance form Butoh. 

Relational perspective and approach: Hydrosphere.
We open up to the approach as being a part of the hydrosphere, that is the collective name for all water that is in the oceans and seas, lakes and rivers, the ground and the groundwater, the ice and the glaciers, water that is bounded in the biosphere, that means in plants, trees and all living organisms (including ourselves) and the atomosphere.

19.00 Water Walk starts
We start to move from the beginning of bridge 1, and walk along the waterfront/in the water to the Marinpedagogic Center.
We begin together with the slow walk and that is also how we end the walk. (During preparation time we will clearify the specific place on the beach when we will dissolve the slow walk and when we will resume it again).

When we start the walk together it is in terms of common sense and respect for each others choice of expression and space and from there we improvise and interact our walk.

”It is tide water in the body, we ebb and float through time and space-body, to body, to body, to body. ”Virginia Wolf"

Water is the driving force of all living ”Leonardo da Vinci”


Erik Högström: http://erikum.se/
Monika Gora: http://gora.se/
Susanne Ovelius: http://susanneovelius.tumblr.com/

Workshop in Iceland 29 may -1 june
Communicate and Travel with Water

Leaders of the workshop:
Felicia Konrad -Medium and Artist/Voiceperformer, Malmö/Sweden, from the intuitive art project I still live in water.
Linda Windwolf - Shaman/Healer and Designer
(Linda Mjöll Stefansdóttir)
Rannveig Þyri Guðmundsdóttir - Healer and river protector/communicator.

The Water is calling us and We are Water Creatures! 

Welcome to a workshop where the intention is to anchor you in the simplicity of communicating and learning from water.

As vibration takes matter, we will tune into the vibration of water. To assist this connection and sensing our own vibration we will make sounds with our own unique voices.

Through meditation and tasting the water from Icelands different rivers, we sense how varied the energy and stories are as well as how different they taste.

The workshop takes place both indoors as well as out in nature. Linda and Rannveig will guide us to the waterfall Helgafoss, situated close to Esjan, as well as introducing us to the river Blikdalsá. At the river you will be given the opportunity to behold in your cellular structure a deep healing by way of its cleansing and joyful properties. In its pure white energy it also opens up the ability to fine tune your hearing and strengthen your connection to the stars.


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