In the gallery pictures from some of our interactive performances and meetings with other artists coming and visiting us. Mostly at Ribersborgs city beach, Malmö, Sweden between bridges 1 and 2. 


Film, Text and Soundpieces

Questions asked during performance Water is instinct 13 of august 2017.
1. How do you imagine that water feel in a plastic bottle?
2. Have you ever been without water more than 24 hours?
3. If you lived under water what kind of creature do you wish to be?
4. What sound that water makes do you love the most?
5. When you say the word WATER out loud, what happens to you?
6. Do you think that the water in the seas and oceans recognize all the raindrops falling in to it?
7. If you look at the water now, can you see how it is dreaming?
8. Can you sense that you are water?
9. Have you ever heard the water cry?
10. How old is this water? 
11. If you should listen wide open to the sea and water here....right now....what is water saying to you?
12. Do you feel that you are connected to all water?
13. What is water?

1. Water Dialogues (Felicia Konrad David Carlsson Mats Persson Tina Quartey) at Spotify.
Originally made as a headphone version for the audiologues at Tomelilla Konsthall, as a part of the exhibition Amniotic Fluid (2018) by I Still Live in Water. And also a version outdoor with a loudspeaker installation for Malmö Art Museum, exhibited 3 weeks as an extended part of the exhibition Shapeshifters, July-August 2020. 

2. Love is an Ocean (Felicia Konrad Caroline Leander David Carlsson Mats Persson Robin Knutsson) at Spotify
by Trapets (Mats Persson Felicia Konrad at Spotify
by Trapets vocal version (Felicia Konrad vocal/lyrics Mats Persson sounddesign)

Love is an Ocean has participated in an online global exhibition related to World Water Day; Water Works by the Australian artist Suzon Fuks, 2016 and is saved in the archive at  

The lyrics in the sound pieces are written by Felicia Konrad.
Love is an Ocean first version was an improvisational vocal piece, and then the group Cosmic Wash Over also recorded an improvisational version that Mats Persson sound designed. In the version of Cosmic Wash Over;  Felicia Konrad vocal Caroline Leander piano David Carlsson bass Robin Knutsson drums Mats Persson sound design.