The artist Erik Högström reflecting on the Human's wish to own the nature in the performance "Water is instinct". Photo: Noak Haugen Konrad©
The artist Erik Högström reflecting on the Human's wish to own the nature in the performance "Water is instinct". Photo: Noak Haugen Konrad©

2021 Ongoing more info at News.

SHORT FILM: Precious Balance Walk (13.24) 

30/1 Our film has been selected for Water Docs in Canada!!!
16/3 And now chosen to be a finalist in Arthouse film, Stockholm Independent Film Festival!!
29/4 Examined by the Serbest Film Festival, "
We are pleased to inform you that we, as the organizers of the Serbest International Film Festival (SIFF) examined your film «Precious Balance Walk» on the Filmfreeway platform and made the collective decision to inform you that we were pleasantly surprised by your film, so we made a collective decision to invite your film to consideration by our jury for participation." 

Starting the work with the sound piece Andas Vatten/Breathing Water
our preparations are done, now we are working with the field recordings and composing and recording sessions in Gula Studion, Malmö!  

28/7 - 16/8
Outdoor installation of the sound piece Water Dialogues at Malmö Art Museum, as an extension of the ongoing exhibition Shapeshifters. 9th of August; Slow collective walk, and 16th of august Live Performance Concert, Body of Water; Felicia Konrad, David Carlsson, Mats PerssonTina Quartey
Film documentation  Short film clip  Short film clip with waterphone


Amniotic Fluid: photo Johan Haugen/Amniotic Fluid print on canvas 102X160 cm. 
Text: Felicia Konrad 5 dialogues with Water 
Soundpiece: Water Dialogues 20 min: What's Beneath The Surface Tina Quartey/Mats Persson
Water is instinct Felicia Konrad/David Carlsson/Mats Persson, Invocation Tina Quartey, Water Dialogues Felicia Konrad/Mats Persson/David Carlsson.
Short art film; Precious Balance Walking (13.48).
6 Nordic Performance Artist invited to perform in water and together with water. 

31/3  Water is Instinct played in Swedish radio, Jazzradion P2  and Kalejdoskop P2
16/3 Digital release and event; Water Dialogues at Underverket, Malmö.  Spotify  Bandcamp
A Living Installation with ambient improvisational music with water and water meditations. 

From the Art Intendant Desriée Lennklo at Tomelilla Arthall:
"During the exhibition period, many of our visitors took part in Water Dialogues.
It was installed in an almost dark room in the lower part of the art hall. In the room, there was sitting possibilities and the sound piece was experienced by help from audioguides and headphones. The sound piece seemed to stimulate stillness and reflection. Often when we in the staff were crossing the room you met visitors sitting and half laying in sacosacs , apparently encapsulated in the sound piece. And in themselves. 
The sound piece appealed to both children and adults, and these moments of stillness and soulful presence as the piece offered gave the visitors a very strong experience. -Tomelilla Arthall found that the sound piece was very appreciated and that it gave a deepening understanding, not only in the understanding of our relationship to water but also and maybe the most important, our relation to ourselves, our origin and our future." 
Other musicians/composers in genres as classical music/rock, film music, and independent pop about Water Dialogues:
"Very associative and visual. The ASMR feeling in the mix with bass and voice really works great in Water is Instinct.
There is a calmness, stillness and naturalness in the whole piece that makes it very exciting, and the work with the sound, and it's effects is impressive. Super great work. "

"Very special. Incredibly well integrated in so many levels - the sound, the listening, the musical, the storytelling with the sound/the basic/elementary and the personal story. And BEAUTIFUL! I especially like the sounds of the water and the honesty in the vocal. Very good recordings and very good produced."

"Listening to Water Dialogues now. I LOVE IT! The vocal is awesome, deep and beautiful, and the music and the sound landscape is magic.
I really like that it sounds like a collective work. The different pieces blend together so well and smooth. I hope you will play live again soon."

8/9 - 4/11 Tomelilla Konsthall, Sweden.
Jeanette Schäring/Whose water are you? Konrad/Haugen/Amniotic Fluid  Gunilla Pantzar/Inside
9/9 We are all water in the same Ocean/ I Still Live in Water: Interactive performance, Water meditation and Water banquet tasting water from Island, Skåne and Värmland. 

Thank you Rannveig þyri Guðmundsdóttir, river protector, and Linda Mjöll Stefansdóttir, film designer and shaman!
15/10 - 13/11 Blå Ställets Konsthall, Angered, Gothenburg/Sweden.
Jeanette Schäring/Whose water are you? I Still Live In Water/Amniotic Fluid Curator Bibbi Forsman

A tribute to the driving force of life
Water Walk - An Art Performance Walk

24/8 Ribersborg City Beach
Interactive and with inspiration from Global Art Performance Walks and from the slow walk in the Japanese dance form Butoh. The walk welcomed everyone who wanted to participate. Before the walk; a water meditation.

I Still Live In Water together with the artists Erik Högström, Susanne Ovelius and Monika Gora.
The event on Facebook

Water is Instinct. 
13/8, Ribergsborgs City Beach
A performance that was partly interactive.  
Starting points for the work in the performance:
Erik Högström b.1969. Artist, musician, and arranger of gallery nights in Malmö. Reflected over the modern human's wish to own nature. Johan Haugen b. 1968. Artist. Johan's senses focused on the tactile meeting between water and land.
Felicia Konrad b. 1964. Voiceperformer/Artist. Concentrated on balance and communication with water and breathtaking quantum physics. Annou Nilson b. 1976. Dance Artist. Answering on the movements of water inside and outside the body, and invites to meetings. Andreas M. Larson b. 1987. Artist Performance and Sound. Transferred himself back to his childhood on the island Tjörn, Sweden and the relation to the sea he has thereafter. 

The event on Facebook

A glass of water, please! - The water in your glass is maybe older than the sun.
22/8 At Malmö City Library, Sweden.
15/10 Opening performance at Konsthallen Blå Stället, Angered, Gothenburg/Sweden. 
Jeanette Schäring/Whose water are you? I Still Live In Water/Amniotic Fluid, curated by Bibbi Forsman. 

To carry water. To carry 5890 liters of water one day.
An interactive site-specific performance. 
30/5 Dome of Visions, Copenhagen/Denmark
9/8 Ribersborg City Beach 9/8, Malmö/Sweden; also participating; Percussion: Martin Brandqvist, Emeli Ek, Emil Sjunnesson
Tina Quartey. Speech: Catarina Rolfsdotter, Author/Journalist/Moderator.
Documentation film: Christian Jönsson.
Film from Dome of Vision, Copenhagen
Film from Ribesrborg City Beach, Malmö  Short raw film children interacting, percussion and water 

With support from Malmö City Cultural Support and Dome of Visions. 

5890 liters is an average Swedish person's daily water footprint according to WWF.
"The performance is playing with and reflecting on our unawareness around how much water we use daily in our modern societies and were we take the water, and the fact that we in a way have lost control. It is is not any longer possible for one single human living in a modern society to manage to carry the weight and perform the physical work that is necessary to provide the water used daily. And also that we are unaware of the water in our own bodies, we consist of 70 % water, water that the dinosaurs have been drinking of. What we do to water we do to ourselves. The piece is also in the same time a tribute to all people carrying water on a daily bases, and to the water itself and to the big natural cycle!"

Sound Installation and Sound Pieces 

16 mars Digital release and event; Water Dialogues at Underverket, Malmö.  Spotify  Bandcamp
A Living Installation with ambient improvisational music with water and water meditations. 

Soundpiece in Audiologues at Tomelilla Art Hall 8/9- 4/11 in the exhibition Amniotic Fluid
Soundpiece: Water Dialogues 20 min: What's Beneath The Surface: Tina Quartey/Mats Persson/David Carlsson Water is instinct: Felicia Konrad/David Carlsson/Mats Persson, Invocation Water Dialogue: Felicia Konrad/Mats Persson/David Carlsson


Love is an Ocean was selected by the artist and curator Pascale Barett (Fra/B) for Water Works 2016 global online exhibition. Water Works is an initiative taken by the artist Suzon Fuks, Brisbane, supported by Australia Art Council.
Love is an Ocean/Cosmic Wash Over/Mats Persson sound design Felicia Konrad vocal/lyrics Caroline Leander piano David Carlsson bass Robin Knutsson drums.  At youtube  at Spotify


Background story of the film project Precious Balance Walk 
Late Autumn 2017 We started to invite artists and people connecting to water in their art or life, to walk together with me at Ribersborg Beach, Malmö, with the water glass on the head; Precious Balance Walk...building inspiration together.
The idea of making a film came up when Ignacio Pérez Pérez one of the grounders of Global Art Performance Walks came to Malmö and walked with me. I met Ignacio at his workshop Shaman Walking at the performance festival Body Landscapes, Copenhagen, arranged by the artist David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo. At the same workshop, I met Matilde Real who just finished her master on Utopia at Goldsmith University, London. When Matilde came and walked with us in November it was freezing cold. Watch the spontaneous short film that she made from this day. But what was crucial was when we decided to make a kind of spontaneous film with the artist Lisa Nyberg august 2018, and we seriously realized the need to make a film in a more traditional and professional way.